Within Australia is a registered NDIS provider, delivering psychosocial disability support across the Gippsland area.

NDIS - What does it mean?

National: The NDIS is being introduced progressively across all states and territories

Disability: The NDIS provides support to eligible people with intellectual, physical, sensory, cognitive and psychosocial disability. Early intervention supports can also be provided for eligible people with disability or children with developmental delay.

Insurance: The NDIS gives all Australians peace of mind if they, their child or loved one is born with or acquires a permanent and significant disability, they will get the support they need.

Scheme: The NDIS is not a welfare system. The NDIS is designed to help people get the support they need so their skills and independence improve over time.
Within Australia is a registered NDIS provider, delivering psychosocial disability support across the Gippsland area.


Our qualified counsellors offer a safe and therapeutic space for our clients to work toward their recovery goals, build resilience and develop strategies that build better mental health. We offer counselling sessions face to face, over the phone and via video conferencing.

Support Coordination

Our Support Coordinators will help you to:

• Understand your NDIS Plan
• Assist you to choose supports and connect with providers
• Support you to achieve your goals and build your independence

Positive Behaviour Support

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) focuses on evidence-based strategies and person-centred supports that address the needs of our clients while addressing the underlying causes of behaviours of concern. We commit to safeguarding the dignity and quality of life of the people we work with who require specialist behaviour support.

Psychosocial Recovery Coach

A recovery coach is a mental health professional who has a strong understanding of recovery-based practice.

A recovery coach will:

• Spend time with you to gain an understanding of what is important to you and your needs
• Help you to find out about different services and supports, and how these supports can help you
• Support and connect you with mental health services
• Help you better understand the NDIS and support you with your NDIS plan

Daily Support and Group Activities

Our friendly NDIS Support Workers provide flexible support to clients in one-on-one and group settings.

• Access and participate in their community e.g. – attending recreational activities, events, attractions, day trips and camps
• Shopping
• Meal preparation and cooking
• Developing organisational skills and routine
• Learning about self-care and wellbeing
• Opportunities to feel involved and meet new people

Within Weekends

Within Weekends is an opportunity for our NDIS clients to explore new and exciting experiences through short stay holidays and trips that build independence, encourage community involvement and provide respite. Some of our recent trips include.

• Winter Getaway (Snow Trip)
• Urban Exploration Camp
• Ladies Pamper Weekend
• Surf Camp