how we work

within Australia's services are based around collaboration, inclusion, self-management and a commitment to delivering the most up-to-date, evidence based and research validated models of service and care available. Our focus is on outcomes in relation to physical and emotional health, social participation, education and employment. Recovery represents the unique and personal journey taken by an individual as they work towards regaining their sense of identity and achieving meaning and purpose in their lives.


Collaborative Recovery Model Collaborative Recovery Model

The Collaborative Recovery Model (CRM) is integral to within Australia’s practice model. CRM takes an holistic approach, and engages with the wider support system in order to ensure individuals are supported on their recovery journey.

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Flourish Flourish

Living with a mental illness is challenging but it should not prevent a person from living a full and meaningful life. Flourish is a peer facilitated program that focuses on personal growth and responsibility.

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The Optimal Health Program The Optimal Health Program

The Optimal Health Program empowers participants by shifting the focus from ‘illness’ to ‘health’ and from being ‘dependent’ on to being ‘supported by’ services.

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Action Over Inertia Action Over Inertia

The Action Over Inertia Program helps people to plan for change by focusing on active ‘doing’ as a means of gaining momentum towards meaningful participation.

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